Happy Wheels

You can now play Happy Wheels online right here and prove to everyone that not only can you get your chosen racer from the start to the finish of these challenging levels but more importantly show that you can avoid smashing yourself into pieces and refrain from showering your screen in blood and guts!

Happy Wheels has become one of the most played free online physics games in the world and with that popularity growing with every new character that the game has to offer, you have to be mad not to play Happy Wheels online right here as your friends are already doing so!

Show your friends that you can conquer Happy Wheels and complete all of the levels that the game has for you, succeeding where your friends can’t!

playing Happy Wheels Free Online

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is the smash hit physics game of the year and is one of the most searched for games on arcade sites just like these and we are glad to be able to offer you the chance to be able to play Happy Wheels online right here on PhysicsOnlineGames.net.

Not only goes Happy Wheels give you the chance to be able to play a racing game in which you have to get from the start to the finish in the fastest possible time, the fact that the game has been created on a physics game engine means that your racer runs the risk of being smashing into little pieces should you get your angles wrong!

Select your chosen racer and race through the levels as you try to get through the level in the fastest possible time but remember that this isn’t any normal racing game, fail to keep your balance and you will be shocked to see your racer lose their limbs or even their head, making finding the finish line a whole lot harder than it has ever been before.

Jump in your wheel chair, on your bike or even onto your mobility scooter and take on the challenging terrain as you look to win more than just getting a high score, instead proving that you can survive the hell that is Happy Wheels.

We have worked hard to bring you the very best Happy Wheels online experience, which means that we aren’t simply looking to serve up the demo version of the game, instead we have the Happy Wheels full version with all the new characters for you to play!